Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Runcible spoons

Last night night my poor spouse woke at 1am, convinced it was 6am, and was not able to right the mess until 3am. This confused clockage has had me at odds with the world since I woke (at 6.20am). 

Thus today found me needing to dress simply and gently in clothes that I wouldn't be putting straight all day. None of this tugging at belts and smoothing down collars for me, not today. There is only one outfit that brings me such calm and it is a shift slipped over a light blouse. 

Make no mistake - I am besotted with shift dresses. 

Here is today's, the fine-value Target number which of course you have seen in a different, plainer carnation. 
The blouse is a lovely orphaned silk number I thrifted a few months ago. It's been stripped of its tags so I cant' tell you its heritage, but I can say it is silk and partial to a gentle handwashing. 
The crystals are both vintage from local vintage stores and the pendant is a was bought from Jigsaw in London, albeit hanging from a leather strong. I performed a chain transplant. 
And last night this was watching me while I soaked in the tub. 

I swear she is smiling at the camera. 


  1. I own a runcible spoon. :)

    That spider seriously creeps me out. Eeeee....

  2. Very nice. Ease and comfort have real value.

  3. A real runcible spoon? Sheila, I am impressed and envious! The spider was creepy, yes, but also pretty in a many-legged way. We have a lot over here and you do get used to them!

    Thank you Shy - it certainly was comfortable!