Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The line of life creeps upwards

Before I start crowing I think I should disclose that my cat Kate watches television. 

That is the face of someone who has never seen Sex and the City before. I believe it was Charlotte who caught her attention. 

Kate has an on-going interest in clothes, particularly mine they are freshly washed and in a basket that she can access easily. However, she finds the whole blogging thing a little tedious and just wishes I would make up my mind about the style of my photographs. 

 With the self timer in my kitchen, in an Anne Fontaine Dress, negotiating Kate who is out of shot 
 With my phone in my room as Kate makes final submissions for some extra breakfast. Note: the dry cleaner found the belt to my original tench! 
In my office (courtesy of my learned friend) in a Seed dress and possibly in need of a good trim. 

I still have no idea what works best. I do know that it is getting warmer and the fabric of my clothes is being adjusted accordingly. I've moved down the textile scale from wool to cotton and silk.    
And it's warm enough for short sleeves, which in turn deserves a bracelet.


  1. It would have to be after you buy your replacement trench coat that the belt turns up. Love the filigree heart on your bracelet.

  2. It's always the way, Jen. Still, it's handy to have two! I'm glad you like the bracelet. It was a gift from one of my big sisters, the one who always comes up with great jewellery.