Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Adding noughts in vain

The heat continues. I'm pulling late nighters in the office to get a couple of critical things out of the way. No one in this city is sleeping. It's nearly 11pm  and 27 degrees - that's 80 F for the readers in the not celsius countries. Up the road in far North Queensland a truly malevolent cyclone is kicking their door in. 

Amidst all this passionate weather and statistics and meetings and raw red eyes my learned friend found time to record today's outfit: 

The dress is from the Jigsaw sale last Summer and the belt I found for a couple of dollars at the Kirribilli markets. I'm a fan of the bargain-priced leather belt. 

The three brooches are all vintage: the marcasite is from the rather fabulous Camberwell markets in Melbourne, the purple enamel was a fabulous $1 find at the Salvation Army store down in Glebe and the odd mirror-like grey number - I have no idea what it is, but I think it originally came from the ocean - was rescued from the Surry Hills markets. I'm entertaining a bit of a sterling silver brooch phase at the moment. 

I have another early start tomorrow morning so you'll have to excuse me while I slip out quietly. 


  1. Nice outfit. Professional but with little touches of style. Perfect for business-wear.

  2. Smart brooch combo, and that is a sweet profesh dress. I'm sorry to hear that you're melting and "gelatinous with fatigue." (Your tags for this post are killing me.)

    I hope your work days get shorter soon and that you find time to sit in breezy places and sip from tall frosty glasses with ice clinking against their sides.

  3. That grayish brooch looks as if it might be made from mother-of-pearl, Baxter. What nice cool colors for a hot day.

    Not a problem here at the moment....

  4. I love a bit of good business wear, Shy. Thank you for your kind words!

    A-Dubs, I'm not much a drinker but can see a in a large gin and tonic on a plane in my very near future.

    I think you're right Charlotte - it may well be mother-of-pearl. I envy you your ice!

    Thank you Sheila!

  5. Hi! Love the collection of brooches!
    A while back, A-Dubs sent me a link to your blog with a post about thrifting scarves. I have a Thrift post every week and this week someone is guest posting on scarves and so I added your link to the bottom of the post.
    Just letting you know!

  6. The brooches are STUNNING. And I think you and I may be secret twins, with our glasses, tea, and insect picking-up abilities. And I'm the one who wrote the guest post Jentine mentioned above, and I think your silk scarf post is terrific!

  7. My dear Edit - thank you so much! I love sharing the Vintage word and really appreciate the opportunity to share tips and ideas. And let's not overlook the unbridled pleasure of checking your stats and seeing so many hits on a post. So generous - you've made my weekend!

    Katie, I've been hoping to meet my twin for a long time. Loved your post! I have a place at a table at a great cafe down near Bondi waiting for you. We can hit the markets, op shops and afterwards admire the cicadas. Lovely to meet you, and thank you for your kind words!