Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Fishing for shadows in a pool

One of the things I love about the style blogs - and there are many, many things - is the small window the blogger allows you to peer through to see edited highlights of  their day or week. It's very easy to form an instant picture of a person who gives you just a tiny handful of clues about themselves every day. 

Today was a busy day for me and one I dressed for very carefully. I had a couple of very important engagements and wanted to present a very specific, conservative yet not entirely memorable image of myself. When the engagements were over I was busy at my desk and spent almost the entire afternoon with the phone wedged between my ear and shoulder while I typed emails. 

But it was good-busy and I felt very productive. My learned friend and his camera, therefore, chanced upon me in a great mood. I want to try something different, I told him, can I see what the photos might look like if I look down? 

They look like this - a tousled haired woman in an an Anna Thomas silk-cotton blouse, a Warner's cami, Veronika Maine silk-cotton pencil skirt and Aerosoles pumps. 

My learned friend cracked a fine stream of clever jokes about my method acting. 
I thought my response showed off the blouse perfectly. 


  1. Very nice. You created the impression you aimed for.

  2. I'm so very intrigued by your sartorial goals for this day. I'm also looking forward to more views of this excellent skirt.

  3. That's a lovely blouse - I like the picture of you cracking up.

  4. Thank you Shy! Te photo makes me laugh every time I see it.

    A-Dubs, my boss was in the news today so I had to look tidy but invisible. You will see more of the skirt as long as I keep writing a blog - it works very hard.

    Thank you Sheila! My favourite pictures on blogs are always the blogger laughing. It's so human, and reminds me how close I am to their day-to-day experiences.

  5. Oh, I so dislike photos in style blogs in which the perpetrator resolutely looks DOWN. Why do they do this? Is it to hide the face? If so, why have a blog? I'm glad that in your photos you look into the camera and smile. Or giggle, as is the case here.