Thursday, February 2, 2012

Electric boots, a mohair know I read it in a magazine

Here's the inspiration for my look in the coming months:

Isn't this blend of Longchamp bag and Dolce&Gabbana dress sublime? I love her hair and attitude too: "I'm here, I've had my breakfast, my hair's behaving,  I got my bag and seventeen pens - let get to work."

This is from the January edition of French Marie Claire. It is from a wonderful fashion spread that used black and white for the colour pictures, and colour for the monochrome outfits. Here's another inspiring look - in colour this time -  from the same spread.

Why don't I own that dress?

I read stacks of French magazines while I  was there but luggage restrictions meant I could only bring a few home. It was a difficult choice. Those left behind were missing a few pages.

Here are the ones now tucked away safely in Chez Baxter.

The inimitable Paris Match, the legendary news weekly which greeted me at the first newsstand I visited with this beautiful cover:

As soon as I saw it I a) bought it and b) gave multiple thanks that I packed a couple of black turtleneck sweaters. The actual cover article featured a great selection of pictures, including this one, which is another inspiring look:

Never before have I been so convinced that I need white jeans to wear with black turtlenecks.

I loved Style Papers too - lots of pictures, lots of style suggestions, lots of things you might like to buy.

Style Papers concentrates on celebrity looks and catwalk trends. It's a bit like Grazia but a touch more glossy.

There is a French version of Grazia too, and it's weekly. If you're curious, would like to brush up on your French comprehension or just look at some great fashion layouts, French Grazia is available as a free app for Android phones. Warning: it updates very regularly and it's addictive.

Also featured in that pic is Modes and Travaux,  which was a special favourite. I came across it by accident in a service station, bought it on spec and fell in love. It's aimed at the woman who works, has kids, keeps a household chugging along and who is possibly a little crafty. Only one of those things really applies to me but still I read it cover to cover. It offers a great variety of practical advice including

...a monthly pattern for a garment inspired by a runway look....

...lots of recipes and

...really fun decorating tips. I am so having rabbit napkins at my next family dinner.

But my absolute utterly favourite magazine is too. Sadly it is a seasonal (four times a year) publication so I cold only get one. (See what I did there?)

I love that cover - the colours, the styling,  the composition. too is not unlike the Australian Shop 'til You Drop or the American magazine Lucky but a little more tongue-in-cheek and a published as a travel size - that is, roughly A6 size. The front half of too is feature articles, the second half is full of style advice and wonderful things to buy, all grouped in in themes that reflect current trends or personal style:

I'm sorting through my luggage slowly. The magazines are all sorted - now I have to stash the beauty products.

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  1. Love it. I'm also giving those bunnies a try.