Thursday, March 22, 2012

I'm rearranging the days to suit myself

Greetings from the busy week, where the weather is overcast and the days have been rearranged.

Think about that for a minute: wouldn't it be fabulous to change the days of the week around for a change?

Today I had a Sunday instead of a Thursday. I woke up in an inexplicably good mood and managed  to get a number of tasks completed throughout the day. Such productivity always happens to me on Sunday. I often wear flats on Sunday too.

 That's my Banana Republic trench coat which I'm starting to regard a sister, a Veronika Maine skirt, a silk blouse from Zara, vintage boots from eBay, vintage silk scarf from a thrift shop in London and a silver sash brooch worn as a brooch: the skirt has no belt loops and having a belt sit on it under a loose blouse causes minor havoc. So I whacked the brooch on my skirt and was rather pleased with the result. 
You can do that kind of thing on a Sunday. You can also wear a the same blouse as yesterday, which I've done today. Except yesterday I dressed like it was Friday:

 The blouse is the same, and is worn with a $4 Fletcher Jones blazer I bought at the Salvation Army store in Dulwich Hill, a pair of Levis 503s, soft black patent leather shoes I bought from Jigsaw years ago because they reminded me of the Tar Baby in Brer Rabbit and the intrepid Bayswater, which is like a sister also.

The jewllery is all vintage - the mourning locket came from the Rozelle Markets (if you live in Sydney, like flea markets and haven't been to the Rozelle Markets, go this weekend. You'll have a ball) the brooch is from the Alameda markets in San Francisco and the other black necklace is made from tiny weeny little glass beads and comes from the flea market in Port Vanves. I love the mix of cream, fawn and black. They look so calm together.

On Monday I dressed like it was Wednesday - mid-week, that hump you have to mount and slip over in order to get to the weekend. I do that steady climb in a simple frock and a simple light coat and Ferragamos, which are not a relative but more like a pair of sensible comforting ladies from the local Women's Axillary:

 Tomorrow I've got Friday which, according to the mix I've had this week, means I'll have to dress like it's Tuesday. I'll let you know how I go.


  1. Gorgeous broach belt. I may steal your idea one day - it looks so neat and smart. In fact that whole outfit is wonderful. The colour near your face is very flattering.

    Love the idea of cream, fawn and black being calming. Will have to investigate what options I might have to induce calm through my wardrobe.

  2. Thank you Jen! I think it is my favourite outfit at the moment. I'm looking forward to the cooler weather so I can what else that coat can do. I'd love to hear how the brooch-belt thing works for you!