Monday, February 27, 2012

At this blessed moment

Today was all about schlepping - schlepping my gym gear, schlepping news papers, stepping out in my break to schlepp some magazines and a minor treasure haul from a local op shop. Observe this excellent silk jersey knit that I could not leave behind, despite the fact it doesn't fit very well:
 Here's the print close up. I love the colours, and I love the effect they have on each other. I'm thinking it may be able to be cut into a very wearable skirt. Well, I'm hoping.

And here is a woman who schleps. She's wearing a fairly standard wardrobe that suits a very humid, heated Sydney Monday - a Veronica Maine pencil skirt from the sales two years ago, a cotton Free People blouse that I stalked on Asos until it was $22 and the thrifted DavidLawrence jacket that is certainly earning its keep this summer.  The shoes are from Aerosole in San Francisco and abysmally comfortable.

My learned friend insists this shot - which he took with his extremely posh Leica M9 - is out of focus but he's wrong: it's me.

Apparently it will be hotter and muggier tomorrow. I am planning to schlep less.


  1. How did a person in your part of the world learn Yiddish?!

    Pretty print.

  2. Hi Shybiker - I'm from the same part of the world and I had no idea what it meant and had to look it up. Having said that, though, Seinfeld and similar have made their way here and managed to extended the diaspora of the language even further than that of the good people themselves.

    Not that I'm implying, Baxter, that your extensive vocab ought to be attributed to episodes of Seinfeld. And this ain't no schlepping weather, that's for sure.

  3. Shy, we Australians get around....and as Jen points out, we get a lot of American tv! I certainly was a great Seinfeld fan but I think I learnt schlepping from Rhoda on the Mary Tyler Moore Show when I was still in primary school. I loved that show and absorbed every last detail of Mary's glamorous life (and vocabulary!).

    Hello Jen! You're right - I loved Seinfeld and certainly the scripts informed a lot of my vocabulary. Incidentally, I've just read your response to a previous thread when we were talking about you at Newnham and am more curious than ever...can I ask what in what field you were awarded your PhD?

  4. Hi Baxter - it was back in the late 80s that I was lucky enough to start my PhD in developmental genetics, or more specifically, how genes control the pattern of the different types of cells that is created as embryos develop. It was all done in the good old fruit fly, that amazing organism with which we can do so much genetics, but these fundamental mechanisms are surprisingly conserved across all living creatures.

    My fascination with the field was a passion, and I continued on to do a post doc, but I was battling some health issues which eventually took me out of the workforce altogether for many years and I have not returned to the bench. But I have since returned to gainful employment and have had some wonderful experiences in the business world and now I'm back doing desk research, as a research analyst, I miss my fruit flies but feel very grateful for the experiences and opportunities I was lucky enough to have had back then.

    Thanks for your interest. I really enjoy your writing and my husband always knows when I'm reading your blog by the inevitable giggles.

  5. Jen, that's amazing! What extraordinary achievements. I love fruit flies - they 4:1 ratio was one of the few scientific theories I understood and enjoyed. You would have been blazing some paths with your research - I'm guessing that genetic research at that time was on the edge of some groundbreaking discoveries. I'm glad you've managed to inch back closer to your passion - and who knows, there may be fruit flies in your future yet!

    And I'm glad too that you enjoy the blog. I love writing it and am thrilled to know it is being read. Thank you.