Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Allies with wings

Yesterday A-Dubs over at In Professorial Fashion posted details of an upsetting encounter she had with a bully. I thought about it a lot today. All of us have had these encounters and can cope with them. Still, I think we'd all admit too that, grown up and scary as we are, they upset us more and for longer than we think they should.

It is my fervent hope that one day it will be all men will ensure that women are not subjected to violence or bullying, not just the men who campaign against violence with us now. Until then, I reckon we need to get this woman on our side:

Here's a close up. You can see she means business.
I don't know her name, or who sculpted her. I can tell you she stands outside a hotel in Melbourne, Australia, and pedestrians become meek when they pass her. I love her and am comforted by the thought that she might intervene in any situation where a man was threatening a woman. I like to think that once she's chased him off (just a few flaps of those awesome wings should do it) she could throw her medicine ball after him.

She brings me great comfort - she looks like she's on our side. Do you know who this wonderful woman is? Any clues or guesses would be greatly appreciated.


  1. I don't know, but she is awesome.

  2. Awesome she is, Sheila. And Dorky, I do believe you are right.

  3. Where is she? I did a foreign study there, and never saw her! :(