Tuesday, October 5, 2010

It would have to be silk

We had this for dessert at Sunday lunch at my house. I want a dress in these colours.


  1. Those are gorgeous colours together - and yum! I'd like a big bowl of that lovely fruit.

  2. The blueberries, Baxter! I love that color.

  3. You're getting the dress, right? I want you to have a dress in these colours, too. Plus one each for Charlotte and I in the blueberry. . .

  4. I want an Hermes scarf in those colours.

  5. Sheila- it tasted great! It's one of those dishes that still tastes great the next day too.

    Charlotte, I like blueberries in fruit salad only because of their colour. I like to think they make the other fruits envious.

    A-Dubs - I am looking for a dress in those colours. The radar is on for the blueberry one too.

    And D-Med - I would love to see a scarf in those colours. If I do, I will forward it to you.