Tuesday, November 23, 2010

It's supposed to be in colour

So far this week has not been wildly adventurous. Yesterday I wore a black dress and today I wore a black dress. Tonight I was packing my gym bag and wondering idly what I might wear tomorrow. "A black dress," I decided.

So here's how I wore today's black dress...

..a Veronica Maine crepe dress with a cotton knit cardi and two pendants. The big pendant is a locket. The small pendant...
...is a heart. An anatomically accurate heart. I bought it from a very clever silversmith who has a fascinating store in the Flinders Street Arcade in Melbourne. My heart was originally strung on a very thin thread of silver chain and packed in a silver test tube. I could have also bought a liver or a brain pendant. I liked all three pieces very much, and I liked the silversmith's explanation of her pieces: "They're essentials," she told me. "You can't live without any one of them."

And here's my gym bag. It is one of my favourite things in the world:

It's from Comptoir des Cotonniers , a French fashion chain that specialises in clothing for smart adult women and their teenage daughters. I would not have thought that such a range would be possible but it is and it is great. This bag - which can hold my gym gear, papers, shoes, lunch box and an armadillo should I need to carry one - was part of a range of clothing from there Spring range about two years ago. I'm still kicking myself for not buying the matching skirt. (I did, however, buy a black dress. Well, it was Paris. I think it might be unlawful not to buy black dresses when you visit Paris. )

My bag hangs around while I plough through these.

I think these files are one of the reasons plain black dresses are currently so appealing. Maybe the work will be less onerous if I throw caution and black dresses to the wind and wear this,
an extremely cheerful frock I bought at a sale on Saturday. It is by a local label called Musee. I love the fabric - a light soft rayon - and I love the cheerful print.

What do you think? An absence of colour for dreary files or a bunch of magenta flowers to make work seem a little more bearable? Do you have particular work dresses for particular kind of work days? Do black dresses make you feel happy or invisible?


  1. The reason black dresses are so ubiquitous is that they work. You can't argue with that.

    I love your gym bag. Very beautiful. Too bad you didn't get the matching skirt.

  2. I love wearing black dresses, but I feel like I have to work extra hard to be 'seen' in them.

    I adore that heart pendant - I would have bought all the 'organs'!

  3. It's true, Shybiker, black dresses never let you down. Also, I love being able to get dressed while technically I'm still asleep and still look decent.
    And Sheila, I often wish I had the liver pendant - it not only was a faithful representation of a liver, it was very cute!