Monday, November 22, 2010

It said jade is the new black

I am especially enjoying the blogs of the Northern Hemisphere at the moment. Everything is so different for the European and North American bloggers - they have shorter days, thicker clothes, snow in some cases.

Over the weekend in the Southern Hemisphere I was faced with the fact that summer is definitely here. I addressed this point of geography thus:

They're my favourite black Birkenstocks, doing some Saturday work with a pair of J Brands and a peach coloured Jigsaw blouse that I steadfastly refuse to throw out despite three immobile stains it now carries.

There's a lot to love about the Sydney Summer, even for pale, burn-to-a-crisp-in-an-instant women like me. For one thing, all the flowers out.
And there is toe maintenance to be had. I am a disciplined person in many respects and pride myself on my occasional convent-like austerity in some matters, but frankly I would sell my siblings if it meant I'd get a foot rub. Hence my pleasure in planning a pedicure. The colours of the flowers and bright skies helped me narrow it down to two colours.
Sunday was pedicure day and I wore my favourite purple Birkenstocks. On my way to Newtown, where there is a nail salon staffed by friendly women and stocked with excellent magazines, I had my toenail colour scheme challenged by the jacaranda.
So you can imagine my satisfaction when I was able to find a colour that was just right, and turned my toes into ten little Chinese charms. I present spent Jacaranda blooms and the grass as my reference.

My smugness was short lived when I arrived home to find Ellie had outdone me yet again. Her toe-maintenance is far less labour intensive yet the results are infinitely prettier.

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