Monday, December 27, 2010

And grateful too for sunlight on the garden

To describe the last couple of weeks as hellish would be to call the Titanic a boating accident. Suffice to say I am very glad to have a few quiet days ahead of me.

There will be tea, at least three books and an assortment of magazines that feature little text and many coloured pictures:

I expect the occasional visitor too.
This chap showed up in the bathroom last night. Several minutes' discussion ensued as to his heritage. In the end we agreed that neither of us have a clue what kind of spider he is. Mr Multilegs was escorted gently from the premises and introduced to the enormous tree up the yard.

My only other task during this lovely holiday period is to re-educate Kate about sleeping on clean washing or on my clothes. This effort is working out great for her ...

Not so much for me.


  1. Kate is clearly a credit to her species. My cats like nothing better than to find a basket of clean laundry and settle in.

    Sometimes a magazine full of photos and brainless text is a decadent indulgence I can't resist either.

    Good luck with the tea and books!

  2. A credit indeed, Charlotte. I often wonder if it is the scent (or lack thereof) that attracts them, or just the very illegality of sleeping in the forbidden place. There's no lack of excellent cat sleeping places throughout the house, yet she ignores them all for the washing or the bed. She is an example to cats everywhere.