Monday, December 27, 2010

There's a pawnshop on the corner in King Street east of Petersham

I have always wanted a gold toe ring but the few I have seen are garish, ugly, too overpriced or not really gold. To compensate for this tiny gap in my life I often have my toenails painted gold, especially in summer. I once read a woman describing gold polish as making her toes "into ten little jewels".

Last week I had my toes gilded and later, hurrying to meet my spouse, stopped short at the window of a pawn shop. I've passed this store many times but have never been charmed by the jewellery in the window. To be fair, they've never displayed a gold toe ring.

It was twenty five dollars. I thought it was worth that alone for perfect match it made with my toenails.


  1. Very pretty! It suits your toes well -- and I love that polish!

  2. We all have our strange passions, Baxter. Your toes look very pretty in their golden glory. The ring looks a lot like a wedding ring!

  3. Cute ring! I would have thought it a finger-ring. Toe rings always drove me nuts... but it looks good on you and your golden toes....

  4. We do, Charlotte - and thank you! It does look a little ceremonial, and it does have a tiny speck of diamond too, so maybe it is a wedding toe ring!

    Thank you, L-doll. The secret is in the fit - they need to be adjustable. And I guess a little preparedness to tolerate glitter for comfort helps sometimes!