Saturday, January 8, 2011

If there has to a last day, this may as well be it

The last day of a holiday is never easy. I am prone to industrial strength mooching and an unhealthy focus on immediate days gone by. To counter this time-wasting,  I elected to do something cheerful and harmless yet surprising. Something that involved scarves, ladies in aprons and possibly a teacup.

So I applied my favourite perfume

 dressed sensibly, armed myself with a large bag

and went to some op and consignment stores way outside my comfort zone. It was a wise move for at the op shops I caught

a couple of silk scarves, $2 each

...a huge fuzzy wool scarf - possibly cashmere or alpaca or a blend of both, soft as a bunny's belly ($5) and some bluebirds on three bread & butter plates - $1 each. 

Frankly I don't know how I have survived to this point in history without these bird plates. 

Nearby stands a consignment store where years ago I, in a fit of rationale I still don't recognize or can explain, decided against buying a genuine Hermes camera bag for $85.00. I didn't really need it, I reasoned. I'll find another Hermes bag I like better one day, I told myself. 

I still can't believe I did that. Perhaps I was possessed by the spirit of some long dead relative who didn't like me much. 

It appears lost-Hermes kharma was in play because I scored 

a grey wool-cotton blend Marni skirt for $68 in pristine condition

a fascinating georgette skirt in a snakeskin print for $18 (Seriously, this winter: black tights, black flat boots, fierce black coat, bright red clutch, matching lipstick, this skirt, me. Can't wait.)

An unworn black Charactere blazer for $20

and a denim Isabel Marant Etoile shirt dress in denim for $54. If I were to tell you how much I love this dress I'd have no time to wear it.

By now I was on a roll and almost looking forward to going back to work so I went to another op shop to find

two very pretty old English dinner plates ($8 the pair) a mother of pearl pendant, a red glass Czech brooch, a filigree dress clip  and an effective bracelet - $18 the lot. The pendant and dress clip are lovely.

Sometimes when I'm stuck at my desk involved in a futile argument about section 15a with someone on the phone while my lunch hour whizzes past again, I dream of just walking out and going somewhere (anywhere) where I can scour racks of clothes and handle sweet jewellery. This year I will have some reference points for those escape dreams.


  1. I'm not sure how you lived without those plates either, or the snakeskin skirt or the denim dress. What a score!

    I went thrifting today (now yesterday) too & caught some lovely stuff. The planets must have been right for us, Baxter. What a day.

  2. It was one of my best trawls ever! I think it is a very auspicious start to the new year and decade. The moon was in Aquarius, so perhaps this helped with eccentric unexpected finds? I'm looking forward to hearing the details of your thrifting, Charlotte.