Thursday, February 3, 2011

Guest post by Ellie

Round ears just got home. I don't know what time she calls this but that's because I can't tell the time. I had cat food for dinner which is good because that's my favourite. 

I have a longer tail than is usual for cats. Also, I have black stripes and that makes me look important. I don't like things that haven't got stripes on them. 

She is complaining that she is tired and has to get some sleep. I don't want to know her problems because they are not interesting. 

I once caught two mice in one day. Round ears took them from me. She doesn't know how to catch her own mice. 

My socks are white. I clean them very carefully several times a week. If you have white socks it's important to keep them neat. 

Two mice is a lot. 


  1. Very funny. :) You captured the feline attitude.

  2. My round-ears refuses to feed me two hours early. I have tipped over two garbage cans, meowed pitifully and have woven between her legs while she's walking, but all I got was a mousie thrown for me. It wasn't even a dead mousie.

    What can I do?

    - Inigo the Tuxedo Cat

  3. Thanks Shybiker - Ellie has a distinct way of speaking!

    Dear Inigo, If leaving my special fur on her dark clothes doesn't work, I collapse in the middle of the room so she trips over me and squeal as if I'm injured. Sometimes. if I squeal right, I get an egg and milk drink which is my favourite treat. I like your name and I like your coat. Black and white is very dignified for a tom. You're dressed right for any occasion.