Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Any colour but

Maroon is not my favourite colour, which is a pity because it is a noble shade that can be blended to great affect with other neutral and primary colours. 

It was the colour of my school uniform and I wore it, pleated and belted, for my six years in high school. I wore a maroon beret, maroon tunic and a maroon tie against the incongruous backdrop of a fawn blouse and cream tights. 

I can say with confidence that I haven't worn maroon since I sat my final matriculation exam. Except this, which I love. 

I think she warrants an exception. 

What colour don't you wear? 


  1. That's too bad you don't like maroon. It's a nice color, blending the excitement of red with the soothing of blue.

    There isn't a color I avoid, but I dislike light hues of most colors, especially pink. I prefer my colors to be saturated and even bold. The brighter the better.

    This is my aesthetic and I realize it doesn't always serve me well in clothing because too bright is often considered too "young" for me. But it's what I like. Pale colors look too tame to me.

    Interesting question!

  2. You certainly don't strike me as a person who would favour pastels, Shy! I don't think there is any age where you are suitable, or unsuitable, to wear particular colours. If you love them, and they make you happy - pile 'em on!