Friday, March 18, 2011

Satellite dressing

Do you have spare shoes in your office? A spare cardigan, or a handy shawl to pop on in case the air condition causes glaciers to pass through the corridor? 

Lots of women at my work have mini wardrobes stashed in their offices. You have probably gleaned that I work in a large legal organisation. This means the great majority of employees are regularly in court. Ergo - lots of charcoal, grey, strict structure and high heels. These clothes look great but they aren't always comfortable. You can't go for a walk at lunch time in vertiginous heels. You can't go for a big girly lunch down at the excellent cheap provincial Chinese cafe in a tight pencil skirt and white silk blouse. (Well, I can't. I would come back with a skirt that resembled a too-tight bandage and a bouquet of audible chili stains spattered over my bosom.) 

So there are lots of little satellite wardrobes throughout the building. Under some desks you'll find a selection of heels because the occupant wears runners to and from work. In others you can open the cupboard to find a barrister's gown and three suits. One very active person runs to and from work with a trip in the gym in between - they have a full rack of their work clothes just behind the door. 

I love the organic work wardrobes. Mine's limited to a shawl (our inconsistent air conditioning causes a lot of penguin temperatures in my corner of the floor) and some shoes because I love heels at work ...

...and I really like to walk home too. 


  1. I keep a pair of simple black clogs in my desk drawer, to address any shoe emergencies that may arise, and a crocheted shawl over the back of my desk chair, because my desk is beside a drafty window. So far as I can remember, I've never used either!

  2. But it's nice to know they're there - just in case. And a crocheted shawl would look very pretty, draped over chair, just waiting.