Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A box of truisms

There are only so many black dresses any blog readership can withstand and I think three in a row exceeds that limit. 

My clothing was excessively dull today but oh, my - the necklace. 

This is the chunks-of-sunlight necklace I bought in San Francisco. I can say honestly, in all my decades of wearing jewellery, I have never loved a piece so much. 

Please tell me about your favourite piece of jewellery. 


  1. Oh, what a fabulous necklace! Forget about my junk, let's talk about your beautiful necklace! It's gorgeous. Engaging design and pretty stones.

  2. That is my favourite piece of all the new ones you bought. It is just gorgeous.

    My favourite jewelry is my copper set that belonged to my grandmother. It's from the 50s and she wore it a lot - it has wear patterns on the necklace, cuff and clip-on earrings. Whenever I wear a piece, it makes me feel close to her.

  3. Thanks Shy! I'm glad you like it.

    Sheila, I'm glad you remember the necklace from it's first showing here. It's amazing how jewellery can bring the original owner closer to you. Jewellery is such a personal thing and really does act as a great reminder of the original wearer. You're lucky to have a full set too.

  4. Gorgeous necklace! My favorite has to be the art piece cast silver budding branches with a blue "broken" glittery shiny stone. Heaven. It's in my New Year post

  5. Perfect for you--chunks of sunlight!

    For Valentine's Day my husband gave me a necklace with a single pendant of a very similar pattern and color. That's my current favorite.

  6. Lawyerdoll, I loved your necklace!

    Charlotte, your pendant sounds very romantic. I love to see (and read about) jewellery people receive as gifts from partners. I think the jewellery retains that affection.