Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Never eat anything bigger than your head

That would be my first fashion rule, but it is not applicable to any ants who might be reading. 
May I just add that I took that photo and indeed provided the speck of cheese biscuit that this ant is taking home to share with his roomies. 

Seriously, on my top seven list of things you must have - if not a jaw fitted with ball bearings so you can eat things bigger than your head - is a pair of comfortable shoes. Only you can decide whether that means trainers or spindly stilettos or steel capped boots. In my case it means flat black boots you find on ebay: 

Whatever your preferred shoe, they should allow you to move gracefully and in full comfort. They should also provide you protection from blizzards and landslides, and allow your feet to support your back adequately so you don't end up at the chiropractor's every week of your last three decades.  

And you should also think about owning a piece of jewellery that is so dramatic people stare at it rather than you when they are talking with you. While you provide them information about the photocopier or ants, they are wondering: where on earth did she find a piece of jewellery nearly as big as her head? Are those pink things real? Is it heavy? If I compliment it, will she shut up about the ants?  

Sigh. I love this pendant that is in fact a locket. When pressed I answer without a hint of irony that I bought it at a French flea market. 

Tomorrow: why everyone should have an archive of pyjamas. 


  1. Funny post. But I love wheels of Parmesan cheese!

  2. Sigh - me too. Let's be grateful camembert wheels are smaller than our heads!