Thursday, May 12, 2011

Like a secret grace

But before I rabbit on about pyjamas I just want to have a minor tirade about lipsticks that are more than six months old. 

Magazines are telling me that I have to turf all my make up that is older than six months. 

I have been using this lip crayon on and off for ten years and have yet to be struck by lightning, turned into a bat or burst into flames.  It is older than all my nephews and less inclined to have me read it stories. 

Now, where was I? 


  1. I reckon it's bollocks to make you buy more makeup,I have loads of makeup I've had for years and I haven't gone up in flames!!!

  2. I use makeup until the texture gets weird... I try to use it up. I don't mind spending money on something good... but I use every last little bit.

    Hubby chuckles as I cut open tubes of foundation, shampoo, and skincare products and store them in ziploc bags. I dig out lipstick tubes, put it in an empty eyeshadow pan, and use my finger or a lipbrush to use it up. I add water to drying mascara. I put broken powder blushes and eyeshadows into containers and use them up, too.