Tuesday, September 20, 2011

It is only the mind that is a trifle shaken

Forgive the sparse posting. At this point in history I am occupied with many dreary office things and cannot carve out enough time for quality blogging. I hope this tyranny will have passed within the next week; meanwhile, please snack on of one of my most highly regarded staples. 


  1. No worries Baxter, that would be the nature of the blogging beast, I expect. Hope all goes well with work. I continue to be inspired by you in your absence, having bought my first-ever pair of Wolford tights after hearing so much about them. They're like a new pet, so soft and pleasing.

    And thanks for the snack. I'm drooling at the sight of those chips.

  2. It must be that pesky Virgo ruling the skies right now--all work, detail, persnickitiness, no time for fun. Same here.