Thursday, October 6, 2011

Nothing if not a fabulous reason

Forgive my tardiness but I can explain.

Work went back to normal but unfortunately I didn't. These ugly little orange fellows have all had a bite of me over the last week. One in the morning , one in the afternoon. 

I've got to get through another box. My belly looks like a monochrome Monet painting. 

When I've gone back to being the my standard blank canvas self, I'll tell you about more about more of my staples, explain why this spring is a denim skirt season and invite your critiques of & suggestions for my packing for my next trip. 

On the up side, it's spring and the local florist is selling the elusive and adored flannel flowers. 


  1. No need to explain your short absence but so sorry to hear it's been for reasons ouchy. I hope you recover quickly as a result of all the jabbing and that it's not too serious (although I am worried and hope you are OK). I'm curious to hear why it's a denim skirt season, but happy to wait until you're well.

  2. OMG I cringe just looking at a photo of those needles!