Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Around some of the world in just one coat

Speaking of classics, as we were, here is something that once was classic to me but is no more. I've grown a little weary of it's shapeless bulk and fundamentally unflattering lines. Before it goes to the op shop, I'm taking this opportunity to document its service to me:  readers, I give you my blue coat, which has coddled me through four northern hemisphere winters, driven me mad by rasping my neck when I've omitted to wear a scarf and kept dry countless train tickets and bags of sweeties in its cavernous pockets. My blue coat has been with me when I have...

 ...eaten the best hot chips in the world (Six Nations Rugby match, Murryfield, Edinburgh)

...celebrated some birthdays

 ...considered a career change

...scoured markets 

...stood on the international dateline...

...fed the locals

...sampled indigenous foods

...visited some of my heroes

...crossed some bridges

...felt perfectly safe amongst some of great masterpieces of the nineteenth century

...hung out at the library (this is my favourite building in the world)

...visited historical battle fields

...relished the rain

....and shopped.

Au revoir, blue coat! I hope your next owner has as much fun with you as I have.


  1. There is no way anyone is going to have more fun with that coat than you have! What a lucky coat it's been. I am sure it is ready for a quiet retirement now, though, with someone who lives a more sedate (read boring) life. You never know, it might end up at my place!

  2. I've been wondering about where the coat might go... and Jen, I think you have one of the most interesting lives I know!