Monday, March 5, 2012

And the snail tells of coming rain

I had a splendid weekend.

On Saturday it rained and I was all:

Merona trench coat from Target in Las Vegas
Gap 1969 jeans 
Zara t-shirt
Aerosoles flats 
Brooch from the Salvation Army in Glebe
Bag fresh from the post via eBay
Silver pearls from the Cat Protection Society op shop
Heart pendant from clever young indy jeweller in Melbourne
Silver watch pin and chain from Paris flea market

Then the rain was replaced by hot muggy humidity and I was all:

Absorbent cotton hippy shirt thrifted from St Vincent de Paul in Newtown
Coral cami from Jockey outlet in Las Vegas
Same Gap jeans
Black Birkenstocks from the internet
Opi lavender toes 
Vintage Desmo purse from eBay
Coral necklace - Vinnies in Darlinghurst in my lunch hour
Coral silver pendant with obscure fish symbolism - Newtown markets
Pink Converses - just nabbed from Turnaround in Newtown

And today was clear, yellow and beautiful so I was all:

Spotty silk dress from the fifties via eBay
Ballet flats from Salvios in Randwick (best ballet flats in the world)
Mulberry Jacquetta bag from Mulberry, Heathrow (2007)
Bag full of thrifted goodies snaffled at the Salvation Army, Neutral Bay

I think it's a privilege to get older. I hope I keep doing it for decades to come.


  1. Too many wonderful things to comment on, but can't go without saying I adore the Glebe Sallies brooch, that Mulberry handbag is 100% me (as long as the handles aren't too short, can't tell from photo) and was it your birthday this weekend?

  2. Hello Jen! The straps on the Mulberry go over the shoulder comfortably, the brooch is my favourite and yep, I had a birthday! I love the colour of the Mulberry - I've never seen any other bag just that perfect shade of dusky pink.

  3. Well happy birthday for last weekend and many happy returns! Hope you had a special day.

    I had a similar handbag which served as my main bag for many years. It was not the quality of a Mulberry and not quite as sensational a shade of dusky pink, but same idea. Pink is the key colour in my wardrobe so it went with everything. My approach to style involves the careful choice of items that will all go with each other so I can put any combination of items on in a hurry and it will work. I love to hear about the time, thought and care you put into creating your myriad looks as I don't have the patience.