Thursday, March 8, 2012

Not too many words rhyme with classic

I haven't come to any firm conclusions about classics but I have realised that what are universally claimed to be classics, and what are classics in my wardrobe, are two very different beasts. I cheerfully admit to wearing most of their classics in the working week but on the weekend and in whatever down time I can snatch, classics are very different. Observe:

They say a red cream lipstick
I say a stain like Bobbi Brown's Blackcurrent, Clinique's Black Honey or Covergirl's Diva, all of which I wear frequently.

They say a little black dress
I say a vintage silk print dress and brooches

They say sober mid heel pumps
I say peep toes

They say ankle boots
I say riding boots that finish at the middle of my kneecaps

They say plain black tights
I saw woolly tights with patterns

They say pencil skirts
I say A-line dresses and a cardie

They say diamond studs
I say antique earrings

They say a plain sensible bag in brown or navy
I say a carpet bag

They say a trench
I say give me my Old Navy parka

They say a long sleeved white shirt
I say a hippy blouse or tunic

They say nude underwear
I say a silk slip

They say bootleg jeans in a dark rinse
I say battered jeans in a size too big.

They say bookclub, theatre, yoga
I saw two cats, a pot of tea and Philip Larkin.

They say milk paint and blonde woods
I say this is my new lace tablecloth.

1 comment:

  1. Just wonderful. Love the tablecloth. I was lucky enough to save a huge lace and linen tablecloth from a council cleanup which graces our Xmas table each year. I've recently decided I like cut crystal glasses. I have my parent's old collection and last year started adding to it with new pieces. But new, they don't come cheap. However, I don't think cut crystal is currently in vogue so perhaps I should take a leaf out of your book and start checking out the vinnies etc. The glasses make for a very pretty table setting.

    Also, love your chairs.