Thursday, March 29, 2012

I dream of journeys repeatedly

Just because I have to work tonight doesn't mean I wasn't wearing clothes today, and just because a thick irritating sheaf of paper is glaring at me across my desk doesn't mean I don't want to talk about the clothes I wore.

It does mean I have to be quick though.

So straight to the point, on the train.... a Max Mara thrifted jacket from Vinnies in Rozelle,  black Jigsaw trousers I bought at hte sale two years ago (actually I bought two pairs because I so rarely find staid trousers that actually fit me), a cream tshirt from Elk I bought in Newtown on sale, a canvas bag filled with newspapers and food
 and ... hard working bag and ... (current) favourite flat shoes. Which I bought in Paris. Because I saw Parisians wearing them with trousers and they looked so neat, so subtle and so very comfortable. 

Sydney is currently moving into Autumn. This means several times a day you hear people saying, "I love this time of year!" And rightly so. What's not to love? It's still clear and warm but not oppressively hot, and the light is just beautiful. 

Isn't it amazing? Here's a close-up of that wonderful sky. 

 And now - back to work.


  1. The reflection-photos are fun. You really need to get an assistant to take pictures for you and fetch your coffee...

  2. You look both comfortable and like you mean business. Hope it was a productive day.

  3. Shy, I dream of having an assistant! Lucky for me I have got my learned friend who is also a dab hand with a camera ...and actually, he did pick me up a coffee the other day!

    It was, Jen. I got everything on the to-do list ticked off!

  4. Good pics for in the train reflection! You look nicely put-together!