Wednesday, March 28, 2012

May she always wear red ribbons

Well, that's better. No poisonous berries, no stampedes, no unflattering colours - just a nicely cut sensible frock in a light wool crepe. This is one of the dresses I did buy on my pleasant afternoon of vintage shopping as discussed yesterday. My new frock is made by Bettina Liano and seems unworn. It's also very comfortable and eminently suitable for work. And it certainly knows how to take a brooch. I think it will work more effectively with boots and a slightly lower cut neckline, but there's plenty of winter ahead for that. Today my new black frock was introduced to a plain silk blouse from Zara, Wolford tights and the Ferragamos, who probably are close to getting a blog of their own. 


  1. Voila - lovely lines, and so easy to wear, I should think. Your efforts have been well rewarded. Look forward to seeing the winter version.

    After an absence from online activity, I've just commented on the last four of your posts.

  2. Hello Helga! Thank you for your kind words - love to you and the kitties. Incidentally, I LOVED your Mrs Slocombe post. You channel her perfectly.

    Thank you Jen - welcome back. I hope you've been well?

  3. I was both a little unwell and away on holiday. Unfortunate timing.