Thursday, August 18, 2011


It's only been a couple of months but it seems much longer.  I would like to thank you very, very much for checking the blog and keeping it alive. When I took a deep breath and logged in last night I expected to find something like a dusty torn shoebox that had been abandoned under an old bed; it is hard to explain how thrilled I was to see that that everything was clean and crisp because people had been dropping in and reading. It meant a lot to me and had a very powerful, positive effect on my outlook. 

Thank you! 

I don't often have many plans for Spring - it has always got along quite well without any intervention from me - but I do plan to reinvent the blog a little as I reinvent myself a little. Hopefully, by the time the jasmine is in full bloom the blog and the pictures will look a little different.

Hopefully too there will more pelicans because frankly I love them. 


  1. Pelicans?! Oh Baxter, it's like having a living comic book right at your door.

  2. So pleased to hear you have plans to resume posting. I bought scone toast today and look forward to my first taste of this previously unheard-of treat for breakfast tomorrow.

  3. Charlotte, I love pelicans because they look like they have flown straight from a comic book - they even walk that way, yet they're such grave birds. We have a lot around here.

    Thank you Jennie! I hope you enjoy the scone toast - I recommend it with raspberry jam.